For Glendora Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Repair Services, Stick with the Best!

Nothing can be a bigger drain on your day than plumbing problems (pun intended)! When it comes to your plumbing maintenance and services, trust it to the professionals! You can’t afford not to!

We’re Glendora Primo Plumbing, and we’ve built our business on meeting our clients’ needs! We’re available 24 hours a day every day, we can offer same day service for most problems, and we can get there in under 90 minutes! Beyond that, we offer written estimates in advance, which means our clients don’t have to worry about ambiguous pricing practices and surprise fees! Finally, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured to protect our customers, and we only hire industry certified professionals! We’ve made fast, reliable, professional and emergency plumbing service the cornerstone of our business, and our reward has been more than 20 years of operation!

Leaky Pipes Can Cause Water Damage to Your Property! Call Us for Pipe Repair!

Water damage can rot through your floor joists and cause extensive damage to your property! While leaking and burst pipes can be a home or property owner’s worst nightmare, we offer fast, reliable service that can solve your problems! Acting quickly goes a long way toward preventing further damage! Other services we perform include but aren’t limited to:

  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
  • Unstopping clogged drains
  • Hydro-Jetting
  • Rooter Service
  • Fixing Bathroom and Kitchen Drains

Every minute you neglect your pipes is a minute your home could be suffering extensive, expensive water damage! Call us today!

Is Your Sewer System Up to Code? Have It Checked with an Affordable Camera Inspection Today!

If you have an antiquated sewer system, you may have a liability you know nothing about! If your home was built before 1965, your plumbing may be against local ordinances, which can be a hassle if you try to sell the property! Worse still, it’s YOUR legal liability as the property owner! If you have any doubts, we are equipped to perform a video camera inspection of your lines to scope out the system and make sure it’s up to regulation. If you do have a problem, we have the tools and expertise to take care of it! Make your appointment today!