Toilet Repair and Replacement in Glendora, CA

The plumbing specialists at Glendora Primo Plumbing can help you with any type of clogged toilet repair. You may have tried fixing the problem yourself using a plunger, but sometimes it takes a plumber to get your toilet in working order again. Our plumbers know that sometimes what appears to be a shallow clog in the trap is something more serious like a tree root growing into the sewer line or excessive waste buildup farther in the drainpipe. Situations like these won’t respond to an ordinary plunger, but they will respond to the advanced techniques used by our plumbing pros.

Drain Cleaning for Clogged Toilets

Sometimes a clog is too massive to be effectively plunged. When clogs form deep within the drain pipe, it is often the result of months or even years of neglect. Maybe too much toilet paper was flushed down the toilet at one time and became lodged in the pipe. Water may still have been able to move around the clog, but after a while waste begins to latch onto the clog and what was a tiny problem turns into a major concern.

Clogs in the drainpipe that are not effectively removed can lead to backups and burst pipes. Have you noticed wastewater backing up into your bathtub or sink after you flush the toilet? This is a sign of a deep clog that needs to be addressed right away.

Instead of using chemical cleaners that you can find at your local home improvement store, give us a call. Our licensed plumbers use water-jetting to clean all drains, including the drainpipe connected to your toilet. This drain cleaning method breaks apart the toughest clogs and moves it out of your pipes and into the sewer system. What it leaves behind is a drainpipe that is as clean as the first day it was installed.

Sewer Problems and Toilet Repair

In some instances, there may be a problem with your sewer line. This is the part of the plumbing system that delivers waste to the sewer or septic system. It is like the colon of your plumbing system. When it cannot do its job properly, waste can back up into your home or leak into the yard.

If you suspect you have a problem with your sewer line, call us right away. The sooner a plumber can investigate the situation, the bigger the savings will be for you. Signs that you may have a clogged or blocked sewer line include raw sewage present in your sinks, toilet, and bathtub, and bad odors coming from the bathroom.

Minor Toilet Repair

As a comprehensive plumbing service in Glendora, CA, we also help people with minor toilet repairs like replacing faulty toilet seals, installing new flush-valve assemblies, and troubleshooting with our customers over the phone. We also offer 100% guaranteed toilet replacement and installation services for when repairs are not enough.

To learn more about all of our services and for tips on how you can keep your toilets working 24/7, give us a call today!